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The Way I See It...

Are *YOU* a champion of Canadian Theatre?

29 October
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I'm Amanda Campbell, I'm an almost graduate of the University of Toronto's Drama Centre with a MA in Drama Studies. Since 2007, I have written theatre reviews and criticisms here at The Way I See It.
I write these reviews for the people who love and care and champion theatre in this country. I write the reviews for all the artists whose talent makes me proud to live and work in this country and this community.
I love theatre and I care about art and the people who make it.
I seek to bring you reviews that let you know what is going on in Toronto, and wherever else I happen to roam and to encourage people to ask questions, raise debates and think about the state of theatre in our world today. As well, I am passionate about shining the limelight on as many talented artists as I can, which I'm sure will inspire us all.
Thanks for reading!